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Underground Woodworks specializes in high-end cabinets and is known for its custom cabinetry. In addition to high-quality craftsmanship, our family-owned and operated establishment offers world-class customer service.


Underground Woodworks is not your
average cabinetry contractor.

If you’ve ever had to hire a contractor, you know they’re not all created equal. See how Underground Woodworks simplifies the process.

Our hardwood cabinets are one-of-a-kind, built to order, and finished in-house. Whether you’re planning to salvage your existing layout and resurface your outdated cabinets or devising an entire kitchen makeover with all new high-end, custom cabinetry, Underground Woodworks is here to make your kitchen renovation a breeze.

UGWW’s simplified process ensures client satisfaction by following these 3 kitchen renovation steps before starting any project.

  • 1 Complimentary Concept Consultation - A custom kitchen designer will acquire your dream renovation ideas during an in-home consultation. Accommodation can also be arranged for a telephone conference, video call, or email if preferred.
  • 2 Next, to ensure every angle and dimension hits the mark, a 2D layout is drawn.
  • 3 From idea to concept, watch your vision come to life through a 3D rendering of your kitchen makeover. 

UGWW believes in integrity, trust, and satisfaction - which begins with perfecting your kitchen design concept before ever lifting a hammer.

What Sets Underground Woodworks Apart from Other Kitchen Remodeling Companies?

We believe that setting yourself apart begins with supporting the community. UGWW takes pride in providing top-notch customer service and utilizing locally sourced materials whenever possible.

Our custom wood cabinetry stands the test of time. Unlike other kitchen remodeling companies, every handmade cabinet we craft is designed with structural integrity in mind and a focus on seamless joints, proper alignment, and longevity to prevent warping and sagging. It’s no wonder that we quickly became one of the top luxury kitchen designers.

Since we specialize in custom-built cabinetry, we have an eye for quality and ensure complete confidence in our product. With Underground Woodworks, you’ll never see knock-off laminate cabinets or deal with supply chain issues, like shipping delays and damage.

While big chain companies only offer a few stock options, UGWW hardwood cabinets all start as bare wood, allowing customizations to be made at almost every stage. From wood species to cabinet shape and dimension, we craft specialty cabinets without ever overlooking a detail. Ask our kitchen design specialists about further customization options, including built-in accessories and innovative features.

We take customer satisfaction seriously, possibly even
more seriously than our high-end kitchen cabinets.

Don’t just take our word for it; see what our customers say about our custom wood cabinets.

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