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Custom Built-ins

Your home is unique, and your storage solutions should be as well. Finding the perfect shelving unit to fit the desired space in your home is challenging; It's either the wrong color, the wrong size, or you can't even find quite what you're looking for.

Whether a closet, or entertainment center, mudroom or library, or anything in between our team at UGWW will work with you to design, fabricate and install the perfect built-in to meet your needs.

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Custom Furniture

Creating a piece of bespoke furniture designed to your liking and specifications means you don’t have to compromise. From coffee tables to bookshelves, we can take the inspiration you provide us or use a blank canvas to propose custom furniture solutions around your style.

The sky is the limit with the custom furniture our carpentry experts can design and build for you; however, here are some of the most popular requests: Dining room tables, end tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, beds and baby gates.

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Custom Cabinetry

It's no secret that cabinets are an investment and can get costly quickly. Here at Underground Woodworks, our custom carpentry solutions work two ways.

First, in some cases we can resurface and refurbish your existing cabinets to give them a completely different look. The other alternative is to hire our wood gurus to create custom cabinets around your lifestyle and design aesthetic. Either way we can work directly with the homeowner or the General Contractor. We always prioritize functionality and can help guide you to the right decision when designing the cabinet layout for your home.

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Trim Work, Crown Molding, & Wainscoting

It's all in the details regarding custom trim work, crown molding, and wainscoting solutions for your home.

Trim work and crown molding are used for practicality and decorative purposes; it covers unsightly gaps while also offering a lovely aesthetic for your home and can also offer protection against unsightly scuffs.

Custom wall paneling, known as wainscoting, also serves functionality and overall design. Our millwork is highly custom to your liking, and the possibilities are endless.

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Custom Baseboard Covers

Tired of looking at those unsightly, rusted, banged-up metal baseboards, barely hanging together still all throughout your home? Did you just finish repainting your walls, only to realize those beat up baseboards only stand out more? Don’t want to spend a small fortune at one of the big box stores to replace them all, with the exact same product? Only to be right back where you started in a few short years. Well thankfully, those issues are a thing of the past with our custom baseboard covers.

Our custom baseboard covers can be created to fit any radiant heating system, and specifically tailored to your home. Whether you’d like a simple modern design that will fade into the background or a craftsman look to turn an eye sore into a statement piece, we’ve got you covered.


Barn Doors

Maximize space in your home with custom barn doors. Hiring a custom carpenter such as our team at Underground Woodworks leaves endless possibilities for design and opens the door to custom sizing to fit any space – regardless of how big or how small it may be.

While you might hear the words "barn doors" and associate the style with something rustic, the truth is we can create them to fit any design aesthetic.

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